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Games & Simulations for Historians

This is the blog portion of HIST3812, Digital History: Games & Simulations for Historians, Winter 2013, at Carleton University, taught by Shawn Graham.

Most of the course activity (readings, exercises, submissions, and so on) are on our course cuLearn website. However, each week, we will use this blog as a way of marshaling our thoughts concerning the readings, engaging with the wider world, and keeping a record of where we’ve been. I’ve installed the Anthologize plugin, in the hopes of collecting the best work together into a CC licensed ebook on designing video games from a historian’s perspective.

Please feel free to follow along, and to leave thoughtful comments on the students’ work. Our course runs from January 7th to April 10th, 2013.

The blogging portion of this course is cribbed with permission from Mark Sample.

Students: as a reminder, your weekly roles are in the week’s block on cuLearn.

  • First Readers: These students are responsible for posting initial questions and insights about the assigned reading or gaming to the class blog by Monday evening. These initial posts should be about 250 words and strive to be thoughtful, avoiding description and summary. The best posts will connect the day’s material to theoretical ideas we’ve encountered in the semester (and in lectures), as well as provide the starting point for the week’s discussion.
  • In-Class Hosts: These students will kick off the class discussion every Wednesday by acting as in-class hosts to the blog. The students on this team will coordinate beforehand to highlight key developments from the most recent blog posts, focusing on provocative ideas, disagreements, or whatever else strikes the team as especially noteworthy about our class’s online conversations. The team will have no more than 20 minutes at the start of Monday’s class to share their synthesis of what they see happening on the blog. They should not merely review the blog posts, but actually take a more evaluative stance.
  • Respondents: Students in this group will build upon, disagree with, or clarify the first readers’ posts by Wednesday night. The respondents can also incorporate elements of the class discussion into their posts. These posts also should be about 250 words. Subsequent weekly posts are encouraged to link backwards to previous weeks’ posts as well.
  • The other groups will have the week off in terms of blogging.

Footnotes are enabled on this blog, and I expect appropriate references. See this page for instructions on how to use footnotes.1

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