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You have to take this seriously — you have to help myself and the billions of other people around the world in surviving against this energy crisis. The more people who play Collapsus, the more we can simulate what can happen in the future and maybe some of you can figure out a potential solution to […]

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As we have seen many times in class and in our history degrees as a whole, there is much uncertainty about stories in history. I am sure we all remember when we were young and hearing about the pioneers in Canada. I know for a fact I used to pretend I was some pioneer girl running […]

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Katherine Law’s raises some very interesting points in questions on ARG’s in her blog post. She mentions that “ARGs allow players to connect on entirely new levels. Yes, they are still driven by a goal for a game that is based around simulated realities, but at least they’re actually physically together, right?” Unfortunately we did […]