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This week in HIST3812, discussions were focused on ideas of historical representation in video games and the impact of these games on historical consciousness. In Monday’s blogs, my colleagues drew upon Trevor Owens’ article “Sid Meier’s Colonization: Is it Offensive Enough?” One of the issues raised in the article was the absence of slavery in the […]

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After glancing over this weeks readings, one really stuck out for me. It was the last optional reading called “De-People-Ing Native Peoples In Sid Meiers Colonization” by Trevor Owens. I had initially attempted to construct a video log ranting on my thoughts about the article but unfortunately, it was a complete fail. Hopefully I will have […]

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Modern society can be surprisingly squeamish, and the subjects that we are uncomfortable with continue to be equally astonishing. To beat a long-dead horse, the Grand Theft Auto series (in)famously features the ability to rape and kill prostitutes among a laundry list of other possible crimes, and despite the widespread criticism it initially received for […]

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