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As a person (meaning myself) whose life has been utterly devoid of the experience of playing video games, when the class lecture and discussions have turned to game design and mechanics, I found myself grasping at familiar words to understand the thread of the conversation. Easily, the most recognizable word in my ears was this […]

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Today in class the style of presentation was altered noticeably. Instead of a full out presentation with back and fourth dialogue between the class and the presenters the 3 members of group 4 (D) were each given a section of the class, which roughly came to about 1/3 of the class each. This made it […]

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They couldn’t handle me! I was a bad-ass rebel with an attitude. Try getting me to sit still – I dare you! I was a trouble maker alright. The kinda kid who plays his classical violin with his shirt untucked. Somehow my combination of apathy, defiance, and independent thought resulted in a pattern of bad […]

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 “The First Rule of Zombieland, Cardio.”1 The above title and following quote is a nod in the direction to the recent pop culture flick by Ruben Fleisher in his 2009 movie, Zombieland. This may seem completely out of left field, but the recent discussions in class about the omnipresence of rules,  Agent Based Simulations (ABMs), […]

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You let the dice go. They dance for a moment. Looking down, you see those serpentine eyes staring back. So you compose yourself and move your dog along to Boardwalk. Any other day, any other game, this roll could have spelled disaster. But not this day, today you take that second blue property with pride. […]

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As Jeremiah McCall points out in his piece Historical Simulations as Problem Spaces: Some Guidelines for Criticism1 when attempting to capture a historic moment through virtual recreation the challenge arises of having to properly capture this moment within a restrictive and entertaining medium. Within games it is near impossible to fairly represent everyone, much less ensure […]

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I play because I enjoy video games, obviously, but I also get something else out of it.1 Games are a ‘lively art’; they are an expressive art, and the artistry lies in encoding rules (descriptions) about how the world works at some microlevel: and then watching how this artistry is further expressed in the unintended […]

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