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You have to take this seriously — you have to help myself and the billions of other people around the world in surviving against this energy crisis. The more people who play Collapsus, the more we can simulate what can happen in the future and maybe some of you can figure out a potential solution to […]

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Life isn’t fair. That’s just the way it is but, most games are.  There are games that are really difficult like Dark Souls or Slender Man but they’re still beatable and if it’s too hard you can always quit.  The harder a game is and the more immersive the quicker you have to learn the […]

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This week in HIST3812, the major theme is education and games. One question which occurred frequently in the readings as well as today’s lecture was the value of games as educational tools. This question was predominantly explored through the idea of “gamification,” or the adaptation of game style and mechanics for another purpose. In his Play […]

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