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  Ohhhh Sim City; quite possibly the most frustrating and satisfying simulator that will have you ripping your hair out and crying for joy at the same time.  The newest installation of Sim City offers fresh graphics, online play and a plethora of new buildings. The challenge for players is to build a city that […]

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As a person (meaning myself) whose life has been utterly devoid of the experience of playing video games, when the class lecture and discussions have turned to game design and mechanics, I found myself grasping at familiar words to understand the thread of the conversation. Easily, the most recognizable word in my ears was this […]

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As we have seen many times in class and in our history degrees as a whole, there is much uncertainty about stories in history. I am sure we all remember when we were young and hearing about the pioneers in Canada. I know for a fact I used to pretend I was some pioneer girl running […]

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This week in HIST3812, the major theme is education and games. One question which occurred frequently in the readings as well as today’s lecture was the value of games as educational tools. This question was predominantly explored through the idea of “gamification,” or the adaptation of game style and mechanics for another purpose. In his Play […]

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