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Reading through the historical gaming experiences of Group E/5 made me realize that the pursuit of accuracy can be a fruitless effort in games. I say ‘can’ for a reason. This entire course has forced me to consider the place of history amongst the constituent elements of a game. It could be argued that history […]

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Through this week’s lecture discussion of this week’s readings and the previous posts of my fellow classmates regarding these articles there were a few common themes found throughout. Of these, the overarching theme of concern was that of games’ reliability in accurately depicting historical events. The below will look at how the other themes discussed […]

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This week in HIST3812, discussions were focused on ideas of historical representation in video games and the impact of these games on historical consciousness. In Monday’s blogs, my colleagues drew upon Trevor Owens’ article “Sid Meier’s Colonization: Is it Offensive Enough?” One of the issues raised in the article was the absence of slavery in the […]

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