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  Ohhhh Sim City; quite possibly the most frustrating and satisfying simulator that will have you ripping your hair out and crying for joy at the same time.¬† The newest installation of Sim City offers fresh graphics, online play and a plethora of new buildings. The challenge for players is to build a city that […]

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You let the dice go. They dance for a moment. Looking down, you see those serpentine eyes staring back. So you compose yourself and move your dog along to Boardwalk. Any other day, any other game, this roll could have spelled disaster. But not this day, today you take that second blue property with pride. […]

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As Jeremiah McCall points out in his piece¬†Historical Simulations as Problem Spaces: Some Guidelines for Criticism1 when attempting to capture a historic moment through virtual recreation the challenge arises of having to properly capture this moment within a restrictive and entertaining medium. Within games it is near impossible to fairly represent everyone, much less ensure […]

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